About us
About us

Our Team

Senior Designer

Wang Zongping

Senior Engineer

Zhang Lei

Senior Engineer

Deng Xuanyu


Wang says: "My passion is visualizing ideas, especially the ideas of fashion and the ideas of our customers".


Zhang says: "I focus on moulding and tooling. My biggest interest is to see our moulds used in manufacture".


Deng says: "My mission is to turn drawings into actual products and ensure those implementable plans happen".


WANDA says: "Our aim is to stabilize our customers' eyewear supply along with considerate services".



Wanda Supply Chain
       We are a professional sunglasses & optical frames producer.
    Our business model is producing for our customers. We can design, co-design, produce and ship eyeglasses and do a lot more. We offer completely personalized eyeglasses services from ideas to drawings, from moulding (tooling) to samples, and from mass goods to well-packed selling units.
    For any style, be it sunglasses or optical frames, or safety goggles, for any material, be it plastic (PC or TR), acetate or titanium or metal (white copper, stainless steel, al-mg etc.), we have corresponding production lines to serve.
    We have two production bases. One is at Duqiao, the hometown of eyeglasses, and the other is at Rongchang, an enormously potential industry park at Chongqing.

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